18 January 2013

Ksenia Yudaeva: We will not jump-start growth without investment

The Chief of the Presidential Experts' Directorate and the Russian G20 Sherpa Ksenia Yudaeva delivered an interview to the Reuters News Agency on the sidelines of the Gaidar Forum 2013.

In her interview Ms. Yudaeva touched upon the issues of "currency wars" and positive rebalancing of global economy. The Russian Sherpa also commented on the Russian G20 Presidency agenda, pointing out, in particular, that Russia has laid out a supply-side agenda focusing on investment, job creation, innovation and infrastructure.

"We will not jump-start growth without investment. When people talk about imbalances we can discuss them. But in the long run they can only be balanced through investment," - Yudaeva said.

You can find the full text of the interview here