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  • Russian President Vladimir Putin

Partners' recommendations and suggestions for G20 Summit important to Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has held a video conference with participants of the Forum on Tax Administration, organised by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and which is taking place in Moscow on May 16-17.

Vladimir Putin reminded that this year Russia hosts the G20 Leaders' Summit. "Of course it would be very important for us to hear your recommendations and suggestions for the St.Petersburg G20 Summit," he said, addressing the forum participants.

During the video conference the Russian President also stressed that Russia was placing great emphasis on cooperation between tax services, adding that recently a decision had been taken to share tax information at the request of other countries' tax authorities. "Colleagues, I very much hope that this position of the Russian leadership will meet with a positive response from our colleagues abroad, and that our tax authorities can rely on your support should it become necessary," Vladimir Putin said.