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  • President Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin welcomes Civil 20 Summit participants

The Civil 20 Summit started on June 13, 2013, in Moscow. Speaking at the opening ceremony, Ksenia Yudaeva, the Russian G20 Sherpa and Head of the Russian Presidential Experts Directorate, read President Vladimir Putin's welcoming address to the Summit.

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Welcome to the Civil 20 Summit!

This is the first time in the G20 history that such a representative forum is being convened. It is encouraging to see how the constructive dialogue between the G20 and civil society is expanding and shifting to the new dimension, bringing together a wide range of experts, representatives of non-governmental organizations, public figures and concerned citizens to discuss current global challenges.

I am fully aware of a great deal of preparations that preceded this meeting. The working groups have held extensive discussions and prepared recommendations for the G20. We appreciate your high competence and expertise, and your desire to make a substantial contribution to addressing the issues of critical importance, such as promoting economic growth and jobs, enhancing financial regulation and financial literacy, reforming the international financial architecture, fighting corruption, ensuring food security, elaborating the agenda for sustainable development and environment protection.

We see the key goal of the dialogue with civil society in making sure that the anti-crisis measures taken by the G20 and the leading international financial institutions were transparent and inclusive, and thereby winning the confidence of the people. It is important to use the practical experience of civil society organizations to work out a balanced strategy for global development. Russia has been consistent on this point: economic recovery measures should not come at the expense of lowered living standards. Rather, they should improve people's well-being by strengthening national economies, creating quality jobs, and establishing fair rules for international trade.

I am sure that the rich agenda and the committed delegates of this forum will generate tangible results, and that your substantive recommendations and proposals will bring added value and help the G20 Leaders develop consolidated solutions to the complex social and economic challenges that the world is facing today.

I wish you productive discussions and all the best.

Vladimir Putin