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  • Y20 Russia 2013 Summit

Y20 Russia Summit opened in Saint-Petersburg

On June, 18 the Y20 Russia 2013 Summit started at the site of the St.Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) in Saint-Petersburg. The Summit, which is a crowning event of the official Youth track within the framework of the Russian G20 Presidency, will last till June 21.

The meeting brought together 106 young, active and competent participants from the G20 member-countries and six invited countries - Brunei, Spain, Kazakhstan, Senegal, Singapore, and Ethiopia.

The delegates were addressed by Chair of the Y20 Russia Organizing Committee, Deputy Plenipotentiary Representative of the President in the North-Western Federal District and the Russian G20 Sherpa in 2012 Stanislav Voskresenskiy.

"The world is changing, and we are all living in a new reality. The countries which used to be called the developing countries 7-10 years ago are now the main drivers of economic growth, - Mr. Voskresenskiy mentioned. - "We want you to come up with new ideas, new approaches to policy. As a young generation you are getting to know these new realities and new technologies, which are changing our lives, faster than others. It is your advantage thus and your responsibility to come up with the ideas which are keeping up with the changing world."

The aim of the Y20 Summit is to provide fruitful dialogue between the youth and the G20 Leaders based on those ideas and proposals which young leaders consider as the most promising and innovative for solving current problems of the world economy and international development.

The first two days of the Summit are devoted to finalizing the recommendations which will be presented to the G20 Leaders as the global youth's position on the main issues on the international agenda. The working sessions on 8 topics are approximated to the real negotiations process, as it is held in the G20, and are aimed at searching the consensus and defining optimal responses to the global challenges.

On the first day the participants were discussing the issues of sustainable development. The working groups considered their possible recommendations on energy efficiency, social policy optimization, infrastructure development, as well as food security and environmental protection. The second day will be dedicated to the topic of international financial architecture reform, with such issues to be considered, as reform of international financial organizations, reform of international capital markets, government debt management, financial inclusion and education.

The main outcomes of the Summit will be presented in the final Communiqué - an address of the youth to the G20 Leaders. On June 20 the document will be presented during the meeting with Chief of the Presidential Experts' Directorate and the Russian G20 Sherpa Ksenia Yudaeva. Besides, on June 20 the heads of the Y20 delegations will have an opportunity to share their proposals with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

Likewise, the Y20 delegates will be able to take part also in the Business 20 Summit and sessions of the SPIEF as well. It will give the young leaders an opportunity to present their views on the current challenges to the public at large, broaden their social connections and deepen their understanding of the agenda that will be considered by the business community from the practical angle.

In the year of the Russian G20 Presidency the Y20 Summit is organized by the Federal Agency on Youth Affairs with support from the Russian G20 Sherpa office, the SPIEF Foundation and the Y8 regional youth movement, and in partnership with one of the world's leading youth organizations that works in the sphere of youth diplomacy development - the International Diplomatic Engagement Association (IDEA).