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  • Chair of the Business 20 in 2013 Alexander Shokhin

Cooperation between business and world leaders can reach an optimal level, says Shokhin

President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and Chair of the Business 20 in 2013 Alexander Shokhin gave an interview to Kommersant newspaper on the eve of the Business 20 Summit in St.Petersburg.

Mr. Shokhin mentioned that the upcoming meeting would focus on ways of resume sustained and well-balanced growth and job creation. Other priorities include investment financing, primarily infrastructure investment, and sovereign debt management. The issue of trade, a major driving force of economic growth, will also be examined.

Speaking about the Business 20 activities as part of the Russian G20 presidency, Alexander Shokhin noted that the Business 20 Summit would be completely different from the previous meetings. "In my opinion, cooperation between the business community and world leaders can reach an optimal level," Shokhin said. "Consultative firms and international organizations played an important role in previous Business 20 meetings. They prepared basic recommendations, which were subsequently discussed by the business community, before being submitted to heads of states. But we have decided to involve all concerned parties and all representatives of the global business community. First and foremost, these are the leading business associations of the G20 countries, which ought to consolidate stances of national business communities."

You can find the full version of the interview here (Russian language only)