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  • President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and Chair of the Business 20 Alexander Shokhin

Business 20 expects its proposals to be reflected in the final documents of the Russian Presidency

On June 21, President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) and Chair of the Business 20 Alexander Shokhin summed up the results of the B20 Summit, which took place as part of the St.Petersburg International Economic Forum, and highlighted the future plans of the Business 20.

Mr. Shokhin informed that the Business 20 had managed to develop a consolidated position of the business community through inviting not only consultants but also members of international organizations such as OECD and the International Chamber of Commerce, as well as major business associations, to join the Task Forces. "As a result, each Task Force developed a range of interests and opinions, which, on the one hand, revealed a need to work out a consolidated position, and on the other hand, prevented private interests from influencing decisions. In fact, this is a realistic business agenda which can be presented to the heads of states and governments," he said.

The RSPP president also spoke on the outcomes of the meeting between the B20 Summit participants and the Russian President Vladimir Putin, where the business community representatives had an opportunity to exchange opinions with Mr. Putin on the Business 20 recommendations for the G20 Leaders. "The main result, which we were expecting upon and which was eventually emphasized by Vladimir Putin, is that he expressed readiness to pass our recommendations to the Russian Sherpa Ksenia Yudaeva and instruct her to work with the G20 Sherpas to incorporate these recommendations in the final documents," Shokhin mentioned. He also expressed hope that there would be a chance to hold a separate meeting between the Business 20 participants and the G20 Leaders as part of the forthcoming Summit in St. Petersburg.

Mr. Shokhin also said that the Business 20 had an intention of monitoring the implementation of their recommendations. "This means we will keep the Leaders informed of what has been achieved and why not all recommendations are implemented from the point of view of business. This is going to be an important element of our joint work in the future," Mr. Shokhin said. He believes that this could be a logical follow-up to the work undertaken.

In conclusion, the Business 20 Chair stressed that the representatives of Mexico (the previous G20 Chair) and Australia (the future G20 Chair) appreciated the progress made under the Russian Presidency.