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  • The Y20 Russia 2013 Summit

The Y20 Summit: the results will be presented to the G20 Leaders

The Y20 Russia 2013 Summit held in St.Petersburg brought to an end the youth track of the Russian Presidency. The event brought together more than one hundred young, active and competent participants from the G20 and invited countries to discuss the pressing issues of world economy and develop recommendations to address the G20 Leaders. The final document - the Communiqué - was presented to the Russian G20 Sherpa Ksenia Yudaeva and the Russian President Vladimir Putin. The document will be further handed over to the G20 Leaders.

Y20 Russia 2013, opened on June 18th, right before the St.Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), gave the young leaders of the G20 countries an opportunity not only to get acquainted with each other, but also to meet world's leading economists and political scientists at the SPIEF.

The connection between the two generations of leaders has been one of the main features and goals of the Y20 Summit that was the reason behind the decision to organize the Y20 Summit jointly with the SPIEF. Young diplomats were expected to generate original and progressive proposals that can give a momentum to the work of the "Group of Twenty". Delegates lived up to the expectations: Ksenia Yudaeva and Vladimir Putin praised the elaborated ideas.

"These recommendations, probably not all of them, will be included in the final Communiqué of the G20 Leaders' Summit, - says the Russian Sherpa. - "We will try to implement all proposals outlined in the document."

The Russian President paid thorough attention to the address to the G20 Leaders prepared by the Y20 delegates. Vladimir Putin was impressed by the Y20 Summit declaration, and promised to hand all of the recommendations over to the G20 Leaders.

Elaborating of the agenda of the Summit took place in advance during the online discussion on the Y20 website, after which the delegates drafted a communiqué. During two days, June 18-19, the Y20 delegates had negotiations in St.Petersburg. The proposals elaborated at the Summit included ideas on hydrocarbon resources pricing at the international level, co-financing of researches on renewable resources, creating an international database of job opportunities for young people and notification-based visas for young people in the G20 countries.

In 2006 the Russian Federation initiated the first Junior 8 Summit, which became an official companion conference to the G8 Summits. In 2010 Canada held the first summit for the national student delegations from the G20 countries. This format (Y20) was also held in 2012 under the Mexican G20 Presidency. In 2014, the G20 presidency goes to Australia, where the tradition of Y20 Summit is expected to be continued.