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  • Civil 20 Russia 2013

Civil 20 presented its final recommendations to the G20 Leaders

Civil 20 presented its final proposals for strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth at the G20 Summit.

Within the year of the Russian G20 Presidency special Task Force, bringing together experts from G20 member countries has been established to draft the proposals. The Civil 20 drafting process was carried out in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and was coordinated by the International Organizations Research Institute of the National Research University Higher School of Economics (IORI HSE) and the G20 Research Group of the University of Toronto. The G20 members' perspectives have been highlighted by country reports. The recommendations are based on the analysis presented in the synthetic report and the country reports.

The authors believe that eradicating causes of inequality and turning structural barriers to equality into opportunities is fundamental for generating strong, sustainable and balanced growth. Transition to inclusive growth will depend on G20 coherent policy actions globally and nationally.

The full version of the Civil 20 Proposals for Strong, Sustainable, Balanced and Inclusive Growth

The Saint Petersburg Initiative for Strong, Sustainable, Balanced and Inclusive Growth