6 September 2013

The G20 Leaders' Declaration has been published

The G20 Leaders Declaration has been published following the G20 Summit in St.Petersburg. Annexes:

1. G20 5th Anniversary Vision Statement
2. Saint Petersburg Action Plan
2.1. Action Plan Annexes:
Annex 1: St.Petersburg Fiscal Templates for advanced economies
Annex 2: St.Petersburg Fiscal Templates for emerging market economies
Annex 3: MAP Policy Templates for all G20 countries
Annex 4: The Accountability Assessment and associated Chart Pack
3. G20 Workplan on Financing for Investment. Study Group's Findings and Ways Forward
4. A Narrative Progress Report on Financial Reform
5. Tax Annex to the Saint Petersburg G20 Leaders' Declaration
6. Saint Petersburg Development Outlook
7. Saint Petersburg Accountability Report on G20 Development Commitments
8. Advancing Transparency in Regional Trade Agreements
9. G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group Progress Report 2013
10. G20/OECD High-Level Principles of Long-Term Investment Financing by Institutional Investors
11. G20 Roadmap towards Strengthened Oversight and Regulation of Shadow Banking